Ultrasound Perdurable Hair Removal


Frost & Sullivan  European Technology Innovation Award


●Painless  ●Clinical results  ●Free of side effect  ●Any skin color  ●Hazel free

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Rest & Relax with Finest Hair Removal

Selectif™ can complement currently available laser/IPL treatments by offering a solution for all hair colors and skin tones, and for shaping those delicate areas such as eyebrows or bikini line. Due to its precise, selective, and focused nature, Selectif™ helps the aesthetic professional to achieve an extremely high level of accuracy, without giving up on safety and long term efficacy.

Selectif™ is the first device that is powered by Applisonix’ breakthrough IMPRESA™ technology. It combines safety, effectiveness, affordability and accuracy in a device that gives every aesthetic professional added value and competitive edge.


Technology Works

IMPRESA™, which stands for IMmediate, PREcise, and Selective Acoustics technology approach, utilizes the hair and the skin characteristics to make the hair serve as an accurate and efficient ultrasonic waveguide. Employing an ultrasonic head, acoustic energy is focused into the hair shaft channeling ultrasound energy precisely to the hair root, where heat energy is generated. This heat energy essentially causes a long-term damage to the hair root thereby preventing hair re-growth. The uniqueness of this technology lies in the fact that with the energy being precisely focused at the hair-shaft, thesurrounding skin is unaffected. Also, the technology does not distinguish between hair colors or skin tones, allowing the application in both men and women with little, if any pain.



Benefits & Advantages

● Ability to treat any hair color and skin tone combination for a wider variety
   of clients.
● Competitive advantage offering the most advanced technology in hair removal.
● Specialty treatments that complement existing hair removal methods.
● Peace of mind by providing safe treatments, free of side effects.
● Almost painless if any.



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