The impression of you is the branding of yourself.

Bring out the best of yourself , deforest all unsightly hair today!

This is a BIG mistake.

You see, when you shave your hair below it will only make the regrowth hair
much thicker!

But who can you turn to for real professional waxing then?

That's where Wink Wax comes in. We are dedicated to the entire process of waxing, including full body waxing and men's waxing

We are one of the top service providers for waxing in Singapore and right now there is the first trial for guys at only
$58 nett (up $78) with free smoothing mask!

Thinking alone does not solve your hairy problem. We love to help!
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Report on Men Waxing

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Hair-removal specialists Wink Wax  Wellness:"Some people do think that is a gay thing, but that is not true."Extracted from Strait Times 31th Jan 2010  a special report on Men waxing.

Click here to read the special report.

Waxing Price List for male

Full body $388* *
Hunk Brazilian $78* -1st trial $58
Beach Bikini $36*
Full Leg $70*Half Leg $36
Full Arm $36 Half arm $20
Tummy $36
Lower Part Tummy $20
Under Arm $20
half back $36
Full Back $70
Brow Wax $16
Lower Lip $12
Whole Chin $20
Nipple $10


 ** 2 to 3 therapist on servicing


Man Promotion

Male Full body  waxing (In regardless of hair amount) $388

IPL ( Permanent Hair Removal) full body $1088 (1st trial only)

IPL (Permanent Hair Removal ) Bikini Line $108 (1st trial only)

IPL (Permanent Hair Removal ) Brazilian  $148 (1st trial only)

DPL Hybrid laser Brazilian $198 (1st trial only)


FAQ about Brazilian Waxing.

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Female Brazilian Wax

The purpose of our existence is to make sure you are always in good hands- Winky Master waxer. 1st trial- Female $28/ Male $58.  All comes with  free mango or tea tree smoothing mask!*

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Commonly referred to in magazines and press as I.P.L.  treatment. It is the preferred treatment of choice to affect quick and painless end to the problem of excess,unwanted hair.

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