Q: I have never done a Brazilian before and i heard that first timers usually suffer great pain, is it true?
If you frequently shave your hair ,the root of the hair is thicker than usual. Therefore more effort must be applied to wax out the hair. At Wink Wax Wellness, we ensure every Brazilian Wax perform is almost painless, however sometime minor pain might occur as each of us has a different level of pain tolerance.

Every time before waxing we apply pre-wax oil,cleansing solution before applying the hot wax then the smoothing cream to take away discomfort and skin irritation.


Q: Can anyone undergo Brazilian waxing? I am a 15yr old male and I am a bit scared...
Anyone from the age range of 12 to 80 yrs old can do Brazilian wax as long you start to grow pubic hair. The Minimum length required for us to work on is at least 1cm long.


Q: I just completed my menses today,Can i come for a Brazilian Wax?
Brazilian Wax is recommended when the 7days of menses ends. If at point of time your menses comes we will stop the treatment immediately.


Q: I am very interested to get rid of all unwanted hairs especially the pubic area, is waxing the best solution for me?

Certainly waxing is the safest solution in the market, this is because most wax products in the market are organic and harmless to human skin. Our reproductive organs (Male: testes, scrotum, penis, vas deferens, prostate) or (Female: ovaries, uterus, vagina, mammary glands) are so close to the public area, therefore certain risk is involved.


Q: Is it true after several sessions of Brazilian Wax my hair will discontinue growing?
Not true at all, waxing does not close up your pores like IPL does. The beautiful part of waxing is every time you wax, your hair becomes thinner and finer, after a few sessions it is might even be painless so Brazilian waxing is strongly recommend.


Q: What happens if i have any irritation,itchiness and discomfort after my Brazilian wax?
This is pretty normal for only a handful of people. We do have very effective after care wax products for healing purposes at your disposal. We welcome any quires from you!


Q: Some people say Brazilian waxing has whitening effects. Is it true?
The waxes we use do carry a bit of whitening effects, however if you want to see significant results we recommend our star product:

Gold Concentrate Ampuloes which are applied everyday after a bath .This small wonder carries the following features:

1. It leaves skin silky-smooth after hair removal and contains papaya extract
2. Thinning in hair re-growth
3. Whitening effects
4. Reduces and lessens pain for the next Brazilian wax
5. Prevent ingrown